Do I call 911 for everything now?
It is acceptable to call 911 for any question or concern regarding police, fire or medical emergencies. General questions regarding phone numbers, community events, weather and road closures should be directed to the appropriate agency.

How do I reach a Police Officer, Deputy or State Trooper?
By calling our non-emergency number 989-345-9911. If the officer or deputy is on duty, the dispatcher will get a hold of them or send them a message for you. If they are not on duty, you will be given their office number.

How do I file a police report?
By calling 911 and having an officer or deputy sent to make the report. 911 dispatchers are unable to take a report over the phone.

How do I obtain a copy of a police/traffic report?
Copies of police reports are generally available 2-4 days following the filing of the report by the agency that handled your report. Reports of incidents that occur in the County are available from the Sheriffs Office Records Division, 989 345-5995. Reports of incidents that occur in the City of West Branch or Rose City are available from the West Branch City Police Department, 989 345-2627, or the Rose City Police Department, 989-685-3051 There are usually fees for copies of reports.

How do I obtain a Personal Protection Order (PPO) if someone is harassing or stalking me?
If you feel you are in danger at the present time, call 911 to have law enforcement assist you. If you are just seeking a protection order you may contact the Ogemaw County Clerk’s Office at 989 345-0215 or stop by their office at 806 W. Houghton Ave. West Branch, MI.

My vehicle has been towed. How do I find out where it is?
Your vehicle may be at D & N Towing at 989 345-2118, Harold’s Towing at 989 345-1633, HD Towing at -989 345-0135, R&R Towing at 989 685-2900, Silver Creek Towing at 989-873-8713, or Short’s Towing at 989-728-3421. You may need a release from the Sheriff’s Office, depending on why the vehicle was towed. The wrecker company will be able to tell you if you need a release.

How do I get someone to leave my property?
For an unwanted person or someone that is trespassing, call 911 and have law enforcement assist you. However, to get a tenant or someone that has established temporary or permanent residence, you must have them evicted. You will want to contact Ogemaw County District Court at 989 345-5040 or stop by their office at 806 W. Houghton Ave., West Branch, MI.

How do I have papers served?
The Ogemaw County Sheriff’s Office will serve legal papers for a fee. It is necessary to pay in advance for papers served by the Sheriff’s Office. For questions, please contact Ogemaw County Sheriff’s Office, Civil Division at 989 345-5905.

How do I find out if someone is in jail?
Any questions regarding inmates in jail should be directed to the Ogemaw County Corrections at 989 345-3119 or 345-5908 or by visiting the Jail at the corner of M-30 & W Houghton Ave., West Branch, MI.

What is a civil standby and how do I get one?
A civil standby is requested when an individual would like to get some personal belongings from a residence where there may be a potential for violence or confrontation. Civil standbys are provided for no longer than 15-20 minutes and are designed to ‘keep the peace’.

Who do I call about a dead deer in the roadway?
For dead deer on a City roadway, contact the West Branch Department of Public Works at 989-345-0408. For dead deer on a County roadway, contact the Ogemaw Road Commission 989-345-0234. For an injured deer in the roadway, call 911 for an officer or deputy to be sent.

How do I get information about local events in the area (ie: fireworks, parade information, etc.)?
Information about local events are usually posted in the newspapers. Often the local television stations or radio stations will also have this information.